EML to NSF File Converter

Export Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage & multiple EML supportive email clients to Lotus Notes

  • A reliable third app to convert EML to NSF
  • Scan and convert EML files saved in any email client
  • Export only user's specified EML files
  • Convert data in bulk
  • Enable to convert healthy EML files only
  • Advanced file filter feature
  • Access EML files to any version of Lotus Notes 0.9 and the lower
  • Perform smooth migration on any Windows versions including 10/8/7/XP/Vista

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EML supports multiple email clients but it doesn't support Lotus Notes. When it comes to access EML data on Lotus Notes, it requires conversion of EML to NSF. There is no any manual way to migrate from EML to Lotus Notes. Therefore, the third app has been introduced. It is a safe conversion tool, evaluated for its accuracy.

Prominent Key Features of EML to NSF Conversion


Export EML to NSF

This utility is specialized in exporting EML files to NSF. All EML files are scanned and exported safely. EML files saved in Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM and Apple Mail are read and scanned by the software for migration.


Convert EML in Batch

The utility converts EML files in bulk. Multiple EML files are scanned at once and migrated to NSF format. The software allows you to select 1, 2 or more EML files together to export safely to NSF. All the materials of EML files are scanned to export without any hassle.


Save Resultants at User's Decided Location

The conversion retains the resultant data to local folders or sub-folder. An existed folder can be used to store the resultant data. Users are allowed to instantly create a new folder to save the resultants. The EML to NSF Converter saves the resultant safely.


Convert Only User's Selected EML Files

The exporter has advanced filter feature that enables you to select user's specified EML files only. It helps to filter to any local folder or sub-folder to find out the particular EML file for migration.


Simple to Use

EML to NSF conversion is an easy-to-operate app. No special technical skill is required. It doesn't even need deep technical help for migration also. The Windows carries a few tabs that direct users itself to follow migration.


Quality Results

Every time the conversion result you get is accurate. The utility saves migrated data safely to user's selected location. The migration app retains data quality safely. The resultant data doesn't damage or corrupt. The file size doesn't cause any interruption in migration.

Frequently Asked Question

There is no limitation. You can export according to your choice.
Corrupted EML files are not scanned by the app.
It needs installation of Lotus Notes to perform migration.
No, it is available with lifetime guarantee.

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